We share your passion and your drive.


At Plum Group, our desire is for you, and everyone in your organization, to devour as much juicy juice as possible from each workday. Whether as an individual, a team, or an organization – we want you to be clear on what you’re reaching for, find the path to get there, pick each plum with gusto and thoroughly enjoy the fruits of your labour. Connecting people to who they are and what they want is what we love doing most.


Sherie Hodds, Principal, Plum Group

Sherie Hodds, Principal, Plum Group

Sherie Hodds, CPCC, ACC

Don’t be miserable at work. Oh boy, I know what that’s like. Been there. Not going back. I don’t want that for you, or anyone in your organization. I did a lot of exploring, connecting and training to create work I love, and bring more joy to more people in more organizations. I can’t tell you how great it is to do this work now, and witness a stuck team break through, a quiet vision living loud, a start-up successfully scale-up, and a client realize their potential. I’m telling you – you’ve got what you need. Let’s get to work.

Why pick Plum?

  • Our boutique company and culture is effective, engaged, nimble and efficient.

  • Our people are attentive and thoughtful, kind and accomplished.
  • Sherie brings 20 years’ experience as a highly experienced strategic advisor, coach and communicator.

  • We have a proven ability to achieve results through strategic, comprehensive solutions.

  • We guide you from Exploration to Evolution using our proprietary strategic framework.

I had been years wishing that I had someone in my life, like this, who could take my incoherent, scattered thoughts, born out of fleeting moments of inspiration and help guide me through the process of building something real out of them.
— Jenine Panagiotakos, Many Hats Collaborative Workspace & Studio

Our team

As a trusted team of impassioned, engaged and expert professionals, we collaborate with all kinds of clients at all stages of growth to clarify their vision, communicate their story, bring stakeholders together and create an effective strategy for moving forward. We’ve helped individual clients gain confidence and clarity so they can meet their strategic goals and lead more purposefully at work, and we’ve helped unite, engage and mobilize whole teams to propel their organizations forward.

Sherie’s delightful style allows me to open up and have honest conversations about myself. She helps me uncover and think about those things that make me unique. I use this information to propel forward every day!
— Bob MacKinnon, President & CEO, Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation

Tell us about your passion, your drive,
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