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Now or Never, the One Nova Scotia Commission report, has made it clear that we have to change the way we work to see different results – and that’s where Nova Scotia’s tourism strategy is focused.



As the new health system structure for the province, Nova Scotia Health Authority is working to deliver its inaugural strategic plan, and successfully communicating and monitoring its implementation, with a vision of building healthier people and healthier communities.



With its current strategic plan nearing its natural end and a new Executive Director in place, LakeCity sought to celebrate the team’s amazing history and successes, consider new opportunities and challenges, and develop a strategy to grow and evolve. 

Sherie has a way of encouraging and challenging you at the same time, asking questions that you have probably never considered, but have such an important role in shaping your future.
— Erin Balodis, Naturopathic Doctor



Immigration is a strategic priority of the Halifax Chamber. Building on the ideas of the Ivany Report, and the ongoing global discussion, the Chamber’s Annual Spring Dinner presented an ideal opportunity to move the agenda forward, mobilizing the business community to take responsibility and action to invest in immigration, and help new Nova Scotians succeed in the province.

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Successful business owner, photographer and mom, Jenine Panagiotakos is creating a much-needed, new way of working – one in which entrepreneurs can drive a successful business while retaining the space they needed to live a fulfilling life.

Case Study: Truro-Colchester


Community and business leaders in the Truro-Colchester region are determined to best leverage the area's assets to reverse the affects of an aging population and boost economic growth.

Sherie knew how to pose the questions I needed to answer, so that I could find my own path to follow in developing my business.
— Marjorie Willison, Aging Well with Marjorie

Case Study: Halifax Citadel Regimental Association


Translating the Halifax Citadel Society's high-level objectives into a meaningful, actionable strategy that will help the organization stay relevant in a highly competitive global market.



Over the next year, Dr. Stan Kutcher and his team are seeking to increase their reach and become the go-to resource for school mental health literacy, with a vision of improving the mental health of youth through the effective translation and transfer of scientific knowledge.



Devour! The Food Film Fest has established itself as a world-class festival on the global stage, generating valuable economic and cultural growth at home. The team sought to develop a targeted three-year strategy that would allow them to build on their strengths and refine their relevancy and value for both visitors and residents.

The biggest impact Sherie has made for me is bringing clarity that creates action.
— Michael DeVenney, Bluteau DeVenney & Company and The Mindset Project

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