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Corporate strategy for human beings.


Some people dream. Some people do. And then there’s the organization that pulls off both.


We crave meaning in our lives. The research is clear. We need a reason to get up in the morning and a feeling of accomplishment when we turn in each night. It’s a simple truth with a complicated chemistry. Finding purpose and joy in our work while achieving our goals, alongside a whole host of humans who are beautifully diverse, is a noble undertaking. And entirely doable.

Sherie is skillful at drawing out our best ideas and understanding what it is we’re trying to convey, while offering her own valuable experience and strategic thinking in a seamless way.
— Roderick MacLean, Executive Director, Halifax Citadel Society
Sherie is incredibly professional and puts all at ease throughout the strategic process via her infectious personality and commitment to ensuring the job is done right!
— Tanya Colburne, Vice Chair, Truro-Colchester Events Committee
Sherie immediately fit in like a part of our team. She was committed to understanding our objectives, well received by our team and conveyed a genuine sense of care and ownership of outcomes from her work.
— Ross Jefferson, President & CEO, Discover Halifax
Sherie helped us to be bold about the future and as a result of the process we have an inspired team with a tangible roadmap moving forward.
— Donna Rubenstein, Board Chair, LakeCity

More meaning and joy for all.