What’s your Story: Express who you are and what you really want so you can recharge, make better decisions for your business, and lead a more purposeful and fulfilling life. Three-month program.

Know your ‘Why’: Gain clarity and motivate your team by exploring why your organization really exists. Half-day session.

The Stories We Tell: Identify the limiting beliefs that sabotage your success and learn how to make more powerful decisions for yourself and your business. Full-day session.

Living Your Organizational Values: Infuse your messaging with more meaning, identify and attract your ideal client, and move forward with integrity and confidence. Full-day session.

Vision 2020: Gain strategic perspective and drive your business forward with greater purpose. Full-day session.

Put Strategy into Action: Set an actionable, achievable strategic plan that unites and inspires your team. Three-month program.

The Essence of Organizational Storytelling: Become the hero of your journey by engaging and mobilizing your internal ambassadors and inspiring your clients. Three-month program.

From Start-up to Scale-up: Step into next-stage leadership. Leverage your strengths, take meaningful action and mobilize a more purpose-driven organization. Six-month program.