Happy, happy, joy, joy

"Joy is the ultimate act of defiance." Bono

Trying to make others happy is an impossible task. Yet, for some of us, it's a tough lesson to unlearn: we are not responsible for the happiness of others.

What we do have responsibility for is our own happiness. We must learn to give to ourselves -  uncovering what brings us joy and acting on it consistently - before we can provide for anyone else.

By doing the investigative work to learn more about ourselves, we open up to our true potential. Refuelling ourselves with the things we love most allows us greater capacity to serve others - those who we decide are deserving of our love. 

We will never be successful in trying to make others truly happy, but by making ourselves happy, we can provide others with the love and support they need to find their own way. 

We can never presume to know other people. It's hard enough to know and love ourselves. That is the important work. But we can support friends and family in pursuing their own path to happiness, and simply love them wherever they are.

Letting go of responsibility for the happiness of others allows us to experience and inspire true freedom and joy.