Spring has sprung!

After a long, harsh winter, spring seems well overdue this year!  Bring on the buds and the birdsong!

As the earth warms and rejuvenates, it’s a time for optimism and excitement about the future.  With the fresh start comes an opportunity to appreciate the simple things – to get back to basics and rethink the complications of our lives and work.

Instead of focusing on what’s missing (if only I had more…), why not focus on what you do have to develop an innovative new approach?  In places like India, scarcity forces entrepreneurs to use their ingenuity by using what they have at their disposal. Jugaad innovation is being embraced by North American businesses as an exciting new approach to reinvention. Check out this great interview with Google Insights Lead, Gautum Ramdurai for some new perspective on innovation.

Apply this to your own life and work – instead of asking yourself, “What do I need?,” why not ask, “What do I have?”

P.S. Tumeric might just be the answer to everything!