You, only better.

As usual, Seth Godin has hit the nail on the head – this time in his blog post Copyediting, line editing, or the other kind.

It’s so easy to point out the small errors – the little things that don’t challenge a theory or direction, but allow an artist or leader to continue down a well-worn, safe road.

It can be difficult to bravely dig in and suggest someone take a new strategic approach to their work (are they ready to hear what I have to say, or am I going to be told to hit the bricks?). It’s a bit scary, but it’s so important to facilitate the big picture discussion, to offer fresh perspective and encourage someone to consider an alternate viewpoint that could have a positive impact on their art, communications or business.

Great communicators and editors always support the artist’s vision.  They offer objective, constructive guidance and input on how to get there, and help you produce your best work for your audiences.  Their advice is invaluable.  The question is, are you ready to hear it?